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Hi there!

Congratulations on taking this step to improve your English.

I'm Martha but call me Maliza, your English coach, here to make your journey easier and more interesting.

I started teaching English online in 2012 and although this career choice was serendipitous, I discovered I was natural at it and I loved it, especially, meeting clients like you, who are driven to improve themselves and interested in facilitating their learning process. 

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A decade later, I have had the privilege to teach and help my global clients from the countries below, find the confidence to express themselves in English. 

Angola, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, U.S.A, 


I have worked with high-achieving English students and ambitious self-aware students to work on their areas of weakness and become confident self-assured experts. 

I teach you, to become more fluent. I do this by helping you to work on: 
1. your speaking and listening
2. your grammar
3. your pronunciation
4. your reading and writing skills. 

Check out, my 1-on-1 online classes

More than 12 000 classes later, I have helped both junior and adult clients achieve their personal goals. 

I will help you in:

•    Upgrading from B1 to C1 level English 

•    Exam preparations (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc.) 

•    Interview preparation

•    Presentation preparation (Ph.D., Business)

•    Everyday conversation

•    Business English

Personal Computer

"Martha is an excellent and amazing teacher!!! Originally, I was looking for a teacher to help me prepare for the TOEFL, but then I was so convinced of Martha's skills and abilities that she also helped me with some reviews during my Ph.D. studies, for example, proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing. She does it with perfection and really tries to get the very best out of it. She is always so patient and tries to find time to spontaneously help me whenever I need her support. I am looking forward to many more hours with her!"

Isa, Germany

Teaching Style

Check out my teaching style

You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, where you’ll learn new skills and challenge yourself every single day. Take a look at the videos below showing my teaching style and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Get in Touch With Me.

Thanks for submitting!

  • What level of English should I be at?
    To benefit from these classes, you should be at the intermediate level (B2) and above
  • How are the group classes organized
    The group classes have a maximum of 6 students each. They are 45 minutes in length. They test your reading, listening and speaking skills.
  • What can I expect in the group classes.
    Your teacher will facilitate the lesson and each client will get the opportunity to participate in class. There are a maximum of 6 students in each class. Depending on the type of lesson, your speaking, reading and listening skills will be assessed. You read aloud to test your speaking, intonation, enunciation and pronunciation skills. You will be involved in discussion questions where your speaking skills will be assessed. You will interact with the other clients and the teacher and your ability to ask follow-up questions will assessed as well as your listening skills.
  • What are the lecture classes
    The lectures are conducted by your teacher. A topic is discussed such as grammar rules, or phrasal verbs etc. are explained by the facilitator. Questions are asked in the chat box These sessions are 45 minutes in length
  • How much does it cost?
    There are four options available to you, you can choose an individual class at a time, or group classes. Option A- One group class at at $12 Option B- Four group classes for 4 weeks @ $40 non-refundable Option C- Six group classes for 4 weeks @ $60 non-refundable Option D- 12 group classes for 8 weeks @ $ 110 non-refundable
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